Ironclad TFT Class Guide and Stats

Ironclad TFT Class Stats

How to Win with the Ironclad Class in Teamfight Tactics

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Champions with the Ironclad Class

Ironclad Class Details

All allies gain Armor.

Best Champs to Have on a Ironclad Team Comp in TFT

Other TFT Classes that Synergize Well with Ironclad

TFT Classes that Ironclad Counters in Teamfight Tactics

TFT Ironclad Class Guidance

  • Two of the three champions with the Ironclad trait in TFT are themselves excellent tanks. If you are looking to build a tanky team, you should really consider adding Ironclad to your team comp.
  • The large, global defense bonus is earned for only 3 champions in the set. For the utility of these champions, you gain a lot by including the Ironclad trait in your team composition.