Imperial Mandate Stats and Guide

LoL Imperial Mandate Item Stats

LoL Imperial Mandate Item Statistics and Meta Breakdown

Imperial Mandate Position Stats

Popularity: 0.1%
Win Rate: 50.4%
Popularity: 0.1%
Win Rate: 52.5%
Popularity: 0.2%
Win Rate: 52.7%
Popularity: 0.2%
Win Rate: 52.2%
Popularity: 4.5%
Win Rate: 51.9%

Imperial Mandate Guide

  • This is great when combined with the Glacial Augment rune (it grants slow to all of your auto-attacks). In that way, you extend the benefits of Imperial Mandate to potentially every auto-attack and not just your abilities.
  • This item's mythic bonus can provide a large amount of AP late in the game. It works well on CC/AP hybrid champions, like Seraphine.