Stridebreaker Stats and Guide

LoL Stridebreaker Item Stats

LoL Stridebreaker Item Statistics and Meta Breakdown

Stridebreaker Position Stats

Popularity: 7.8%
Win Rate: 51.5%
Popularity: 5%
Win Rate: 53%
Popularity: 1.1%
Win Rate: 53.1%
Popularity: 0.1%
Win Rate: 50.2%
Popularity: 0.3%
Win Rate: 48.9%

Stridebreaker Guide

  • If your goal is to dive the enemy team and close with the enemy carry to kill them, the LoL Stridebreaker item may be your best item. It will help you quickly dash into the enemy while also slowing their escape. Additionally, it scales off of the number of nearby enemies. There will likely be multiple enemies trying to prevent you from killing their carry. Good luck!