Luden's Tempest Stats and Guide

LoL Luden's Tempest Item Stats

LoL Luden's Tempest Item Statistics and Meta Breakdown

Luden's Tempest Position Stats

Popularity: 1.7%
Win Rate: 51.7%
Popularity: 1.1%
Win Rate: 51%
Popularity: 18.3%
Win Rate: 51.4%
Popularity: 2%
Win Rate: 52.4%
Popularity: 12.8%
Win Rate: 52.6%

Luden's Tempest Guide

  • Luden's Tempest deals good AoE damage. It's a good item to get if you have a hard to aim ability, want to wave clear quickly, or are often engaged in teamfights. If you want a little more power with less AoE, you should look at Night Harvester.