Immortal Shieldbow Stats and Guide

LoL Immortal Shieldbow Item Stats

LoL Immortal Shieldbow Item Statistics and Meta Breakdown

Immortal Shieldbow Position Stats

Popularity: 4.4%
Win Rate: 53.6%
Popularity: 2.6%
Win Rate: 53.4%
Popularity: 10.9%
Win Rate: 53.2%
Popularity: 15.2%
Win Rate: 51.5%
Popularity: 0.2%
Win Rate: 46.4%

Immortal Shieldbow Guide

  • If your enemy forgets about Immortal Shieldbow's passive shield (Lifeline), they will likely live to regret it. If the enemy team has one or more dangerous assassins that takes you out early in each fight, you should consider getting this item. It will help you outlast directed, single-target attacks and may give you enough time to escape or fight back.