Frostfire Gauntlet Stats and Guide

LoL Frostfire Gauntlet Item Stats

LoL Frostfire Gauntlet Item Statistics and Meta Breakdown

Frostfire Gauntlet Position Stats

Popularity: 7.1%
Win Rate: 52.3%
Popularity: 2.7%
Win Rate: 51.6%
Popularity: 0.7%
Win Rate: 53.3%
Popularity: 0.2%
Win Rate: 52.4%
Popularity: 1.6%
Win Rate: 50.9%

Frostfire Gauntlet Guide

  • This is a perfect item for tanky champions looking to cause more chaos with crowd control. The large AoE slow will help keep your carries safe and your targets in your range.
  • Slowing your enemies with the LoL Frostfire Gauntlet item will help keep them in range of your burning aura for longer.