Kindred 롤토체스 챔피언 가이드와 통계

Kindred 롤토체스 챔피언 가이드와 통계

전략적 팀 전투에서 Kindred로(으로) 승리하는 방법

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Kindred와 어울리는 전략적 팀 전투 베스트 시너지

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롤토체스 Kindred

  • Unlike in regular League, the safety zone created by TFT Kindred only affects allies. Don't worry about keeping enemies alive. Place Kindred near your carries to keep them alive as long as possible.
  • While Kindred in TFT can deal a lot of damage, she typically supports her team best by protecting them with her ability. Stacking items, such as Spear of Shojin, that allow her to cast her ability more often, will provide the greatest benefit for your team.