Nocturne 롤토체스 챔피언 가이드와 통계

Nocturne 롤토체스 챔피언 가이드와 통계

전략적 팀 전투에서 Nocturne로(으로) 승리하는 방법

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롤토체스 Nocturne

  • In TFT, Nocturne is pretty useless unless you stack a large number of items on him. With the right items, he can be insanely powerful, though. Focus on attack damage, attack speed, or CC resist items in order to maximize his passive ability that lets him lash out at all nearby enemies every 3 attacks while gaining life.
  • TFT Noc should be placed in a position where he will be able to reach many enemies at once. Nocturne sustains longer and does much more damage overall when he can hit many enemies at once with his innate ability.