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Redeemed 롤토체스 시너스 통계

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Redeemed 시너지 상세사항

Redeemed champions have increased Armor, Magic Resist, and Ability Power. When they die, their bonus is split among remaining Redeemed allies.

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롤토체스 Redeemed 시너지 가이드

  • Redeemed trait bonuses to AP and damage reduction get transmitted to remaining Redeemed champions on death. This means that your last couple of champions will become very strong and very tanky. If one of your backline champions also has a good amount of lifesteal or spell vamp, they should be able to out sustain most remaining opponents with the added damage reduction bonuses they will receive.
  • The Redeemed trait AP and armor/MR stat bonuses work very well with many of the trait's champions. In particular, the bonus tank will help your tanks (Aatrox, Leona, and Rell) survive much longer. The ability power bonus will really help your Syndra and Lux champs be a lot more effective.