TFT Caustic Deathblade Guia e Estatísticas do Item

Guia e Estatísticas do Item Caustic Deathblade do TFT

Como vencer com Caustic Deathblade em Teamfight Tactics

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Descrição de Caustic Deathblade

Contributing to a kill grants the holder additional Attack Damage for the rest of combat. This effect can stack any number of times.

TFT Caustic Deathblade Dicas

  • Caustic Deathblade essentially turns your physical damage focussed champion into a glass cannon. Be careful you don't decrease their health too much to be useful.
  • This shadow deathblade variant can significantly boost your champions physical damage, but they will need time to ramp up their damage. You can help by focussing your board placements to unify your champ targets or by increasing their early round damage potential.