TFT Force of Darkness Guia e Estatísticas do Item

Guia e Estatísticas do Item Force of Darkness do TFT

Como vencer com Force of Darkness em Teamfight Tactics

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Descrição de Force of Darkness

The holder's maximum team size is incrased.

TFT Force of Darkness Dicas

  • If you can manage to build Force of Darkness during your Teamfight Tactics game, you can provide your team with a large champion advantage. However, it has a large penalty (you'll take 2x the damage if you loose). In the late game, if you lose even just a couple of times, it could be game over for you. Be careful!
  • You'll likely end up in the top 4 with the large bonus this item gives, but if you're aiming for the top spot, you need to be careful about picking the Force of Darkness item. The penalty can be very great if you don't build your team well.