TFT Ionic Spark Guia e Estatísticas do Item

Guia e Estatísticas do Item Ionic Spark do TFT

Como vencer com Ionic Spark em Teamfight Tactics

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Descrição de Ionic Spark

Nearby enemies have their Magic Resist reduced (does not stack). When they cast a spell, they are zapped taking magic damage equal to a percentage of their max Mana.

TFT Ionic Spark Dicas

  • In Teamfight Tactics, Ionic Spark does two great things. First, it blasts nearby enemies every time they use their ability. This is a great item to use against champs with lots of CC, such as Leblanc. Even a perma-stunned tank could take out LB using this it. Secondly, it reduces the magic resist of those same enemies. For teams with solid magic damage, this is a great item to put in your front-line or assassin champions to reduce the enemy teams resistances significantly.
  • While most often your Ionic Spark TFT builds will be on tanks, sometimes it can be more beneficial to place it on an assassin. This is because your assassin will immediately dive their backlines and can start reducing reists for AoE spells and/or dealing direct damage whenever they cast. This is particularly effective against carry mages that can rapidly cast, such as those with Blue Buff.