TFT Warmog's Armor Guia e Estatísticas do Item

Guia e Estatísticas do Item Warmog's Armor do TFT

Como vencer com Warmog's Armor em Teamfight Tactics

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Descrição de Warmog's Armor

Grants bonus Health (including components).

TFT Warmog's Armor Dicas

  • Warmog's Armor provides your champ a large boost in health, but no damage reduction boost. 1000 bonus health might seem like a lot, but late game it will disappear in 1-2 hits without better damage reduction. In Teanfight Tactics, give this item to champions that benefit from increased max health (e.g. Nightbringers or Renewers) or those that have other means of reducing the damage they recceive (e.g. Gragas or Leona).