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Best Aphelios Skin in League of Legends

Published: May 2, 2020
Classic Aphelios with Blade Weapon and Black Cloack. A ghost is seen behind him while he is kneeling.

Are you an Aphelios main who wants to show off their skills with an epic Aphelios skin? You’re in luck because we’re here to rank all of Aphelios’ skins to find the very best skin. Considering how new Aphelios is, it’s not surprising he has only one extra skin. For that reason, we’ll also be reviewing his best chroma.

Aphelios is a very unique marksman in League of Legends. He has a range of weapons at his disposal that he cycles through, two at a time. His unique ability set means that you must be very strategic about your weapon choices, or you may not have the best equipped when you need them. Furthermore, you must adapt your playstyle continuously to whatever two weapons are available at any given time. Check out our Aphelios build guide if you’re looking to better understand how to equip this unique ADC champion.

Classic Aphelios

Aphelios’ classic skin is a fantastic skin in its own right, once you can get past the super emo hairstyle. The flowing tassels of his scarf move around interestingly as he dodges and twirls with each shot. His weapons are also all well made. In particular, we like his rifle, which is straight out of the original Halo games. We appreciate his classic skin almost as much as his Nightbringer skin, and it’s completely free.

Best Aphelios Skin: Nightbringer (1350 RP)

Aphelios launched with his Nightrbinger skin. It’s a dark and foreboding vampire-themed skin. Given Aphelios’ love of blades and all things dark, this suits him well. Beyond the cool new model and textures, this skin brings with it an excellent recall animation. When he recalls, he swipes down across his face, revealing a creepy mask with glowing red eyes. The first time you see it, it’s a little startling.

If you have the RP burning a hole in your pocket and you love Aphelios, get his Nightbringer skin. However, if you’re not an Aphelios main, it’s just an OK skin relative to its high price. In that case, we recommend waiting for an even better Aphelios skin to be released.

Best Aphelios Nightbringer Chromas

The vanilla Nightbringer skin is excellent, but it gets even better when you add to it some of his new chromas. In particular, we are very partial to the Ruby and Turquoise chromas. Ruby because it adds to the vampire aura with the dark red robes. Turquoise because it makes him look like a weird little Martian man, and we think that’s funny.

Aphelios Nightbringer Ruby Chroma with Red Cloak Blue Cloaked Aphelios Skin Version Holding Fire

Check back in. As soon as a new Aphelios skin appears in the shop, we’ll be sure to review it here for you and tell you how it compares to Nightbringer. Also, if you are an ADC main looking for other great skins, check out our review to find the best lucian skin to take with you in your next battle. See you on the Rift!

Images Courtesy of Riot Games.