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Best Lee Sin Skins Review

Published: February 4, 2022
League of Legends Lee Sin Skins Review

Are you a Lee Sin main, who wants to beat your opponents on the skill and style departments altogether? The champion may be blind, but there is still a variety of Lee Sin skins for you to enjoy. And we’re here to help with that! Every skin for Lee Sin is shown here, ranked from worst to best (including Lee Sin's newest skin) and listing what each of them features.

An Overview Of Lee Sin

The most popular League of Legends jungler for the entirety of a decade, Lee Sin is one of the go-to montage material champions, with a good part of his impact of the game coming in the form of mechanical plays. He is defined by his incredible mobility, good burst, and his trademark Dragon’s Rage ultimate.

13. Traditional Lee Sin (520 RP)

Traditional Lee Sin is barely a skin at all. It was a design for the champion that was scrapped before his release, but was still introduced as a cosmetic. All that the skin changes for you in game is slightly different pants, replacing the bandages with tattoos, and using a thinner, black blindfold instead of the red one.

Traditional Lee Sin Breaking Statue with Knee

12. Acolyte Lee Sin (750 RP)

Acolyte takes the spot for second-worst Lee Sin skin only thanks to how low Traditional set the bar. Acolyte Lee Sin wears longer pants, and is covered by a red, hooded top - and there is once more nothing else to say about it. It also has the downside of being more expensive than Traditional without giving much at all.

Acolyte Lee Sin with Glowing Fist

11. SKT T1 Lee Sin (750 RP - Legacy)

It took a couple of years before Riot started making World champion skins be of high quality, and unfortunately, SKT T1 claimed their first trophy before that. The commemorative Lee Sin skin will as such rank third lowest on this list - it gives him a red tracksuit with the SKT T1 logo and features, and that’s what there’s to it.

SKT is one clear step above the previous two and deserves to be called a skin, and commemorative skins also have their own unique appeal. But a skin that only changes his model and that is showing its age can only rank so high.

First SKT T1 Appearance in League of Legends

10. Dragon Fist Lee Sin (975 RP)

Dragon Fist was designed as a reference to Bruce Lee in Enter the Dragon, from his looks and his idle animations. The skin gives Lee Sin a black, white, and red martial arts apparel alongside completely changing his face, and goes one step beyond being model-only by also giving him new idle animations.

Still not an amazing skin compared to the more recent options that he received, but its trivia is nice. And for more pointless LoL game knowledge - this was also the first skin to ever receive chromas!

9. Pool Party Lee Sin (975 RP)

Pool Party was the first Lee Sin skin to affect his skill's appearance! Albeit minorly. It was still enough to make it a popular choice for four years. This skin has Lee Sin wear light beach clothing, and replaces his Sonic Wave with a cocktail-filled coconut that has its unique sound effect.

Pool Part Lee Sin

This more traditional lee sin skin also has some pretty funny splash art.

8. Knockout Lee Sin (1350 RP)

With his Knockout skin, Lee Sin becomes a club fighter. This skin is similar to Pool Party in that it gives minor changes to the animations, but it does go further in that direction. The mark of his Q is a punching glove that also appears on his shield, and his W plays a ring’s bell sound effect that is the trademark of the skin.

Additionally, this Lee Sin skin has him exclusively use his fists to attack, including his dragon’s… kick, that becomes a punch.

Knockout Lee Sin in League of Legends

7. Playmaker Lee Sin (975 RP - Legacy)

Playmaker Lee Sin gives the blind monk a football theme! Or soccer, based on where you live. Wearing a sports uniform, he throws a fiery football with his Q, and his W is themed the same way. There’s also a crowd cheering as he uses Dragon’s Rage.


This great skin for Less Sin has more pronounced VFX differences, and is one of the very rare recent skins to only cost 975 RP, making it cheap for its quality.

6. Muay Thai Lee Sin (975 RP)

Muay Thai Lee Sin is one of the best skins for how little it does. No VFX changes, a model that’s barely different from the base one, and yet one of the most liked skins! All that Muay Thai does is changing Lee’s stance and his basic attack animations, but it makes them feel like they have more impact.

It’s very uncommon to rank a skin that high for how little it changes, but what it changes is one of these things that makes the entire champion feel better to play.

5. Nightbringer Lee Sin (1350 RP)

With Nightbringer, we’re finally entering the category of League of Legends skins that drastically change his spell animations! Lee Sin’s model and his animations take a red, purple and black color scheme, with a nightly and infernal theme.

Nightbringer Looks

His Q throws a fireball, his W and E are covered in flames, and his ultimate takes the same dark red-purple color as the rest of the kit. All of his animations also get different SFX to give the champion a more magic touch, as opposed to being a master of martial arts. On the other hand… For some reason, Lee also happens to have an unnaturally long neck with this skin.

4. FPX Lee Sin (1350 RP - Legacy)

FPX Lee Sin shows the difference between a 2013 championship skin and a 2019 one. It is a fantastic non legendary skin. Commemorating Tian claiming the cup against G2, the model of this skin actually resembles that of SKT due to the similar color schemes used by the two teams, both being primarily red team uniforms with black and golden touches.

This aside, this skin brings entirely new VFX to all of his abilities! FPX Lee Sin’s Q throws a fireball, his W and E are covered in flames… wait, that too sounds familiar.

FPX Team in LoL

On a more serious note, while the theming of this skin is similar to Nightbringer’s, FPX’s skills use a bright fire, with an orange and white color scheme. On top of this, the phoenix logo is shown everywhere: above the opponent’s head and under their feet as the mark of his Q, around his shield, when using his E, and when slowing his enemies. It’s a bright and vibrant fiery skin as opposed to the dark one that precedes.

3. Nightbringer Lee Sin Prestige Edition (Special Pricing)

How many different colors can fire take? Well, apparently, we can still use one more side of the palette.

As a League of Legends Prestige version, this skin will naturally be very similar to the default Nightbringer, but with a big enough increase in quality that it can go over FPX in the rankings. Lee’s darkened skin is paired with gold instead of red and purple, and all his abilities follow this dark gold color scheme.

There is something unique about golden fire and about this theme going onto both light and dark, giving this the rank of best non-legendary skin. However… it still has a long neck. And it’s also no longer covered, unlike in the base version of this skin.

Runner-Up to the Best Lee Sin Skin - Storm Dragon Lee Sin (1820 RP)

We’re reaching the legendary Lee Sin skins! To me, this is a runner-up, but it could also easily be the list’s winner. In fact, it is the Lee Sin skin of highest quality, and is one of the better legendaries overall.

Storm Dragon Lee Sin gets everything changed - new voice, attack animations, ability VFX, SFX, and animations, fancy new emotes, and even special extras, including awesome splash art. For the model, he has the looks of a shonen protagonist reaching the end of the manga, with a light blue color scheme.

Storm Dragon Lee Sin

His basic attacks have a lightning and smoke effect alongside electric sounds, his Q throws a storm dragon, his shield is a thunder cloud - and not the Mario Kart type - and his E is an electric shock with another dragon for the slow. As for his ultimate, Lee jumps before striking, and his kick is followed by more dragons and thunderbolts.

Besides, this skin has two special features: The opponents he kills have their death screen circled by stormy clouds, and electricity courses under his feet when he walks in the river.

All in all, Storm Dragon is an excellent skin for Lee Sin, that could easily be chosen as his best.

Best Lee Sin Skin: God Fist Lee Sin (1820 RP)

But the reason why it remains a runner-up is God Fist Lee Sin taking the spot of best Lee Sin skin. Quality-wise, Storm Dragon is a clear cut above, but God Fist gives another case of Muay Thai or of God Staff Jax skin: simple, to the point, and good.

While Storm Dragon makes everything entirely different, God Fist amplifies everything that makes Lee how he is. With this skin, Lee Sin has ascended and become a god, taking a similar model but with golden skin. His walking and attack animations are entirely new, his animations are changed, and he also has a new voiceover in which he is arrogant, overly confident, and talks down on all of his enemies.

But instead of all animations having electric SFX and VFX, here, everything uses a similar sound palette as Lee’s default, but made stronger, deeper, and more impactful. All his game animations become golden and light blue, and Dragon’s Rage has several possible animations, striking with different parts of his body. The impact of the strike also blurs the air around his target.

The best of Lee Sin's skins changes everything about Lee Sin's appearance, Storm Dragon is for you. This one, on the other hand, focuses on feeling powerful while also remaining smooth and light. So if you instead want something that drastically enhances what already feels good about this champion, then God Fist is the best Lee Sin skin for you.

God Fist Lee Sin

While that’ll be it for this Lee Sin skin review, what are your own preferences? And which legendary do you think is the best Lee Sin skin? Let us know!

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Images Courtesy of Riot Games.