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Can You Play League of Legends on Mac?

Published: February 6, 2022
Running League of Legends on Mac Computer

The world has been going crazy over the world of Runeterra ever since Arcane came out, and players around the world are getting into League of Legends. Recently, there have been so many questions from the dedicated Apple fans about the game being available on their platforms. It's your lucky day because we have got good news for you! League of Legends can be played on Mac devices, granted that your model has the necessary system requirements to play it without any interruptions. As a general rule of law, any Mac device released after 2017 should be able to give you the optimal experience Riot Games intend their users to have.

We have good news out of the way, so it's time for the bad news now. MacBooks only support the League of Legends US portal. This means that if you are not in the United States, you will be unable to play the game. There is a solution to this problem. You can get Windows 10 as the second operating system for your device and switch between the two if you have to play the game. The best thing about it is that it costs nothing at all as Windows 10 is available for free worldwide now.

If you have a Mac device and are still unsure how to download the game, don't worry; we have step-by-step instructions to make your life easier! If you are running a Macbook Air, check out our Macbook Air installation guide.

How to install League of Legends on MacBook?

  1. Download the League of Legends client for Mac from the website.
    It might seem not very clear at first as the most prominent button is download for windows. However, if you look below it, you can see the text saying "Download Mac Installer" and you need to click that to proceed with the installation.
  2. Launch the Installer and follow the instructions.
    It will be a pretty standard installation, and the installer will tell you about everything itself. It might take a couple of minutes, so don't worry and let your MacBook and internet do their thing.
  3. Launch the client and wait for the files to be downloaded
    You have reached the last stage of the installation and have to wait a couple of minutes more for the client to set everything up for your adventures on the summoner's rift. As soon the play button on the top left says play, you can hop onto games and have the time of your life.

The Most Important Setting for Mac!

You have already downloaded the game for your MacBook, but now you need to make a change for the best performance. If you want the game to run with stability rather than looking appealing to your eyes, you need to make sure you have set your settings to low! It will ensure that you get the most FPS out of your Mac device.

What about Catalina MacOS?

Unfortunately, Catalina disrupts the experience Riot Games want their players to have. If you are using the operating system on your device, we highly recommend you get Windows 10 as your secondary os so you can play the game without any trouble on your Mac device.

If you are running another operating system, you can check out our installation guides for Linux and Chromebook as well.

What else can be played on a Mac?

For League of Legends players in the US who are looking for a change of pace, or for ex-US players unable to play League of Legends on a Mac, you can check out this list of games that will run on a Mac that have all been manually verified.

Images Courtesy of Riot Games.