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LoL Brand Counters and Best Teammmates

The Best LoL Champions to Synergize and Counter Brand

230,843 Brand Counters and Matchups Analyzed

To select the best and worst counters for Brand, we examined the scores of 230,843 recently played, ranked LoL matches. We determined which champs have the best and worst win rates versus him. Moreover, we isolated those few that are solid companions and who could help stop you from being countered. Having evaluated so many games leaves us with great faith in our conclusions.

As can be seen above, Xerath is the strongest counter to Brand with a 52.2% win fraction against him. Close behind, Zyra and Sona are the next greatest counters to Brand. They have win rates of 51.6% and 49.5%, respectively. You should not take him into a round where any of these champs has already been picked.

Conversely, if you are facing off against Thresh, you can expect to do much better. Brand counters them with a very respectable win rate of 55.7%. Similarly, you can expect to do very well when fighting Alistar and Senna. They have the next worst winrates when countering Brand.

If you would like good champion synergies for your own teammates to increase your win rate even further, glance at our champion synergies.

Brand Team Synergies

Regardless of his lane, he does best when alongside Amumu. This pairing typically improves his chances of winning by a few percent. Nocturne and Nasus are also awesome champs to pair with.


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We comb through millions of League of Legends matches pulled directly from Riot’s servers each week. We analyze the data using advanced algorithms to bring you the most accurate Brand counters online.

Guide to Countering Brand

  • Since Blaze is effective at zoning, don't clump as a team when engaging Brand.
  • Brand has to land a skill before he cain gain the bonuses offered by champions already set ablaze, so dodge his other spells whenever possible.
  • Brand has a low cost/low cooldown stun ability, but he needs to hit you with one of his other abilties first.
  • Brand counters most champions that need to dive him in a straight line. He will usually stun them before they get to him. Be unpredictable with your approach.