League of Legends Item $Moonstone Renewer

Moonstone Renewer

Moonstone Renewer
Price 2,500
Recipe Price 750

Moonstone Renewer

based on 239,061 matches
Win Rate
51.5 %
Pick Rate
1.9 %
- / -

How We Come Up with Our Item Stats

We comb through millions of League of Legends matches pulled directly from Riot’s servers each week and analyze the data using advanced algorithms to bring you the most accurate Moonstone Renewer stats online. We analyze the data by tier, so you can find the most relevant Moonstone Renewer win rate and other stats.

Moonstone Renewer Summary

Moonstone Renewer is a decent item in League of Legends. Champions who bought Moonstone Renewer had average win rates in the game (51.5%). This item does particularly well when paired with Seraph's Embrace or with Warmog's Armor. Furthermore, the top champs to build Moonstone Renewer are Mordekaiser and Udyr.

More About Moonstone Renewer

Tips and Tricks

LoL Moonstone Renewer provides great additional healing utility for supports without any native healing buffs. The bonus is not large enough to make a serious difference in the middle of a fight like Soraka's healing can. However, this Mythic item does do a great job of providing sustained healing to keep your allies in lane longer. In that way, they will earn more CS and have more opportunities to take down the enemy champs.