Moonstone Renewer Stats and Guide

LoL Moonstone Renewer Item Stats

LoL Moonstone Renewer Item Statistics and Meta Breakdown

Moonstone Renewer Position Stats

Popularity: 0.1%
Win Rate: 49.1%
Popularity: 0.5%
Win Rate: 50.3%
Popularity: 0.4%
Win Rate: 51.6%
Popularity: 0.3%
Win Rate: 52.4%
Popularity: 9.7%
Win Rate: 51.4%

Moonstone Renewer Guide

  • LoL Moonstone Renewer provides great additional healing utility for supports without any native healing buffs. The bonus is not large enough to make a serious difference in the middle of a fight like Soraka's healing can. However, this Mythic item does do a great job of providing sustained healing to keep your allies in lane longer. In that way, they will earn more CS and have more opportunities to take down the enemy champs.