Galeforce Stats and Guide

LoL Galeforce Item Stats

LoL Galeforce Item Statistics and Meta Breakdown

Galeforce Position Stats

Popularity: 1.4%
Win Rate: 50.3%
Popularity: 1.3%
Win Rate: 49.5%
Popularity: 2.4%
Win Rate: 48.6%
Popularity: 17%
Win Rate: 50.5%
Popularity: 0.1%
Win Rate: 45.6%

Galeforce Guide

  • Remember that Galeforce doesn't dash through terrain. Don't be that guy that tests it out in combat :(.
  • If you are an ADC without much mobility, the LoL Galeforce item can really improve your chances of avoiding hits while chasing down enemies.
  • The extra burst of damage from Galeforce is sometimes all that is needed to win a 1:1 ADC matchup.