Kraken Slayer Stats and Guide

LoL Kraken Slayer Item Stats

LoL Kraken Slayer Item Statistics and Meta Breakdown

Kraken Slayer Position Stats

Popularity: 4.4%
Win Rate: 49.9%
Popularity: 7.7%
Win Rate: 52.1%
Popularity: 4.5%
Win Rate: 50.6%
Popularity: 33.9%
Win Rate: 51.2%
Popularity: 2%
Win Rate: 48.1%

Kraken Slayer Guide

  • The LoL Kraken Slayer item should be the default mythic item for any attack speed or on-hit build.
  • Remember that Kraken's Slayer's bonus damage scales off of your own bonus AD. If you only stack on-hit damage, you will miss out on extra damage potential.