Eclipse Stats and Guide

LoL Eclipse Item Stats

LoL Eclipse Item Statistics and Meta Breakdown

Eclipse Position Stats

Popularity: 2.4%
Win Rate: 49.2%
Popularity: 5.7%
Win Rate: 50.5%
Popularity: 4.3%
Win Rate: 51.3%
Popularity: 1.4%
Win Rate: 51.1%
Popularity: 1.2%
Win Rate: 48.5%

Eclipse Guide

  • In LoL, Eclipse is a great core item for AD champions looking to scale well against both tanks and carries. With lethality and percentage based armor penetration, it will help you maximize your damage against everyone.
  • Eclipse also provides a good bit of sustain with the provided Omnivamp. Remember, Omnivamp also heals you based on true and ability damage (though it is reduced for AoE attacks).