Kha'Zix: гайд и статистика по чемпиону в TFT

Kha'Zix: гайд и статистика по чемпиону в TFT

Как выиграть с чемпионом Kha'Zix в Teamfight Tactics

Кол-во обработанных команд, в которых есть Kha'Zix: 1,897,185

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Kha'Zix в TFT: советы

  • Kha's ability damage is multipled 3x when his target is alone. This is often the difference between doing a mediocre amount of damage and slaughetering them altogether. Position him and other champions well so that he can engage 1:1 as often as possible.
  • TFT KhaZix synergizes really well with at least one other Assassin to gat the massive trait bonus of applying critical effects to ability hits. Further, any items which increase crit chance and/or crit damage will make him an unbelievably powerful TFT champion in 1:1 fights.
  • Kha'Zix does better in the early rounds of TFT. It's much more common to find champions isolated in the early game with less on the field. Consider replacing him for a different champion in the late game when he begins to lose his value.