Varus: гайд и статистика по чемпиону в TFT

Varus: гайд и статистика по чемпиону в TFT

Как выиграть с чемпионом Varus в Teamfight Tactics

Кол-во обработанных команд, в которых есть Varus: 2,205,301

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Varus в TFT: советы

  • Varus' Holy Arrows ability will grant additional on-hit damage to all allies in the target area. This is a great ability to combo with a solid front-line of tanks, as it will help them deal extra damage while keeping their sustain.
  • Varus in TFT may not be a good champion to stack a lot of attack speed on, such as with Guinsoo's Rageblade. This is because his ability has a relatively slow animation, and he will miss out on a lot of damage each time it is cast. A moderate increase to attack speed, such as through Statikk Shiv or his innate Ranger ability can still be beneficial, however.

Varus: частые вопросы

When should I give Varus extra spell power?

Varus in TFT really benefits most from AD. The damage from his ability also deals physical based damage. That being said, there are some situations in which it's beneficial to give Varus more AP. Specifically, if you have several strong, front-line champions with good attack speed. The damage bonus TFT Varus gives additional units on-hit in the area of effect of his Holy Arrows scales with Spell Power.