Ziggs: гайд и статистика по чемпиону в TFT

Ziggs: гайд и статистика по чемпиону в TFT

Как выиграть с чемпионом Ziggs в Teamfight Tactics

Кол-во обработанных команд, в которых есть Ziggs: 1,092,292

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Ziggs в TFT: советы

  • For champions like Ziggs (who have a low max mana), you will significantly increase their damage potential by grabbing a Blue Buff. This allows them to cast their ultimate far more often.
  • You can really setup your Ziggs TFT build in two ways: 1) Provide him with lots of attack speed. He rapidly hurls his ability bomb, so he isn't much slowed and can dish out a lot of damage. In particular, Statikk Shiv is a great item to help support an attack speed build on Ziggs; and 2) Scale his spell damage while taking advantage of the attack speed boost from his Hellion trait to keep him flinging lots of Arcane Bombs.
  • Ziggs can deal a tremendous amount of damage for a tier 1 TFT champion. He only needs a couple items to stay relevant throughout the entire game.