Draconic: гайд и статистика по классу в TFT

Draconic: статистика по классу в TFT

Как выигрывать с классом Draconic в Teamfight Tactics

Кол-во обработанных композиций с классом Draconic: 5,508,324

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Чемпионы класса Draconic

Описание класса Draconic

At the end of each player combat, gain a dragon egg on your bench. The bigger the egg, the longer it takes to hatch, and the rarer the reward. Golden eggs hatch into even rarer loot. In Hyper Roll, dragon eggs hatch a lot faster!

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Советы для класса Draconic в TFT

  • The Draconic trait scales well into the late game. After each round you gain a Draconic egg which spawn almost entirely into other Draconic champions. This helps you ensure you have very high level champions in the late game.
  • Though very rare, you can actually get a 5 turn Dragon egg with 5 Draconic TFT champions. This massive egg spawns a whopping ~50 gold worth of champions and loot.
  • Even after you've completed a level 3 Draconic champion, you can still earn more champions of that type from egg drops.
  • If you are going to go for the Draconic trait, you need to accumulate the minimum number of Draconic champions as early as possible to begin stacking eggs. You will find it very hard to play with this origin if you pick it up to late.