TFT Bramble Vest Item Guide and Stats

TFT Bramble Vest Item Stats and Guide

How to Win with Bramble Vest in Teamfight Tactics

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Bramble Vest Description

Negates bonus damage from incoming critical hits. On being hit by a Basic Attack, deal magic damage to all nearby enemies every couple seconds.

Best Champs to Use Bramble Vest in TFT

TFT Bramble Vest Tips

  • The Bramble Vest TFT item provides a great deal of physical resistance against AD carries like Draven or Nocturne. The resistance to critical strike damage is key to surviving a lot of AD heavy champs and assassins.
  • Placing the Bramble Vest item on a frontline tank can help them deal decent damage in addition to providing good sustain. It's great if your tanks can do more than just hold out.