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In-Depth Guide to LoL On Hit Items and Effects

Published: July 16, 2021
Vayne is Great With LoL On Hit Items Standing in Her Shiny White and Black Armor

Many items and champion abilities in League of Legends have effects that trigger “on hit.” These effects can be incredibly powerful and impactful when used on the right champion builds. In this in-depth, on-hit effect guide, we will cover what on-hit effects are, what champions rely on them, and what items and runes to include in an LoL on-hit effect-focused champ build.

What does "On Hit" Mean in League of Legends?

In League of Legends, on-hit effects trigger whenever you strike with an auto-attack. Additionally, there are many champion abilities that also trigger on-hit effects. This is often true for champions that rely heavily on a single ability for their damage output, such as Ezrael’s Q, which also trigger on-hit effects when they land.

On-hit effects are a great way of increasing your damage output and staying relevant throughout the fight without having to build flat AD or AP.

Champions that Synergize Well with On-Hit Effect Builds

Some champions work better with on-hit effects than others. We’ll cover some of the best archetypes and provide a few examples of each.

Attack Speed Focused ADCs

ADCs often build up their attack speed so that they’re dealing as much physical damage as possible within a short timeframe. If you are using a champion like this, you should consider adding one or several on-hit effects into your build.

Vayne On-Hit Damage Dealing with Passive While Jumping Through the Error

One of the best champions to build for on-hit procs is Vayne. Her attacks deal extra true damage every third hit. She isn’t typically built to maximize just her basic attack damage through critical strike chance. Giving her items like Guinsoo’s Rageblade and Blade of the Ruined King can help to really increase her damage-dealing potential. In particular, giving Vayne Top these items can really increase her power, as she is able to focus and diversify more than traditional bot lane Vayne.

Other great attack speed focused AD carries that can make use of on-hit items well include Kalista, Kog'Maw, and Sivir.

Champions with Great Innate On-Hit Abilities

Champions dealing damage with powerful on-hit abilities like Teemo and Kayle are also great candidates for adding extra on-hit effect triggers. These champions usually only benefit from 1-2 additional on-hit items. They also need to stack their AD or AP to maximize their innate ability’s damage, so don’t go overboard.

Teemo On-Hit Passive Ability

Runaan’s Hurricane is one of the best items to give to champions with on-hit abilities in LoL. It will spread out your effect damage to 2 additional targets every time you auto attack!

Tanks and Utility Champs that Want More Damage

If you want to add a bit more damage as a tank or utility support champ, there are some good on-hit effect items in LoL to add to your build. These types of champions can’t build significant damage via AD or AP bonuses, so on-hit effects and brawler items become their only real viable option to increase their damage.

We don’t usually recommend adding extra damage to tanks and utility champions, but if you need to flex a bit for whatever reason, this is always an option.

The Best LoL On-Hit Items and Builds

You will get the most out of your on-hit champions in League of Legends if you plan out your LoL On Hit Items build path to maximize your champion’s potential. Most champions will do best by either focusing on AD/Critical Strike Chance, AP, or on-hit effect damage, solely.

Kayle Dashing and Preparing to Attack with Two Swords While Wearing Green Armor

There are exceptions to this, but in general, if you have 100% critical strike chance as an ADC, you will do more damage by further building more raw attack damage than you will by adding an on-hit effect.

Attack Speed, Attack Speed, and More Attack Speed!!

Builds that rely heavily on on-hit effects almost always need to stack a lot of attack speed from items and runes in order to maximize the number of basic attacks and thus effect triggers they can within a limited amount of time.

The Best LoL On Hit Items to Include in Your Build

The greatest AD on-hit items to add to your on-hit build include the following items:

Blade of the Ruined King Item Does On-Hit Effect Damage

Blade of the Ruined King

BORK provides both extra damage on hit as well as increased attack speed. Not only that, but it also helps your champion sustain in lane and in team fights with lifestyle. It is a must-have for any AD on-hit build.

Guinsoos Rageblade Item in LoL

Guinsoo's Rageblade

This item is a fantastic legendary item to add to an on-hit build. Not only does it add attack speed and doubles on-hit triggers every three attacks, but it also converts critical strike chance into more on-hit damage.

Kraken Slayer Item in League

Kraken Slayer

If you are looking to maximize the damage you can deal by applying on-hit effects, you should look at Kraken Slayer. It increases both attack speed and damage. Not only that but the bonus damage is true damage to shred tanks.

It’s less common to see AP champions build on-hit builds. However, there are some great on-hit builds for your AP champs to consider. The top AP on-hit items to add to your build are:

Item in League of Legends that Does On-Hit Damage

Nashor's Tooth

This is the go-to AP on-hit item. It provides a lot of attack speed and boosts scales its damage output with your AP. This means that it will help you scale exponentially throughout the entire game. Get this great item!

Riftmaker Item in LoL for On-Hit Effects


If you are not sure what Mythic item will work best for your AP on-hit build, get Riftmaker. In addition to increasing your magic damage, it provides omnivamp, to heal off of your other on-hit ability damage that isn’t typically eligible for lifesteal of spell vamp regen.

Wit's End Sword in League

Wit's End

Wit’s End is a great hybrid AP/AD on-hit item to add to builds for champions like Teemo and Kayle. It will help you increase both your attack damage and your attack speed while providing some great MR resistance to keep you alive longer.

On-Hit Build Weaknesses to Consider

One weakness of most on-hit builds is that they are very focused on damage output with little health regen, sustain, or crowd control resistance. Most builds rely on attack speed and effect triggers to destroy their enemies.

You will need to focus on proper positioning and not overcommitting. Most on-hit champs are glass cannons that need to be protected and guarded. Items like Wit’s End and BORK can provide some nice resistance and sustain. Consider prioritizing these on-hit effect items with additional sustain to last longer in team fights.

On-hit effects are usually not great when combined with other stat focuses, such as lethality or lifesteal. This is because those stats scale with raw attack damage. Yet, on hit effects deal damage without regard to your base AD or AP. The one exception to this is perhaps omnivamp in League, which provides healing from all damage sources.

Final Thoughts

We hope we’ve helped you gain a much better understanding of the best LoL on-hit items and champion builds. If you have any additional questions, please feel free to leave us a comment below or reach out to us on social media.

See you on the Rift!

Images Courtesy of Riot Games.